Crazy Party


Crazy Party is not one, but two games! On one side, there are many mini-games to discover and unlock in order to compete online; and on the other, there is a battle game with cards to win by facing the gyms in order to beat all your friends in the online mode.

The mini-games

The mini-games are small trials. The easiest way to play them is to select the adventure mode, allowing you to browse worlds with mini-games. But you can also play mini-games on a board, or by playing online.

Before playing a mini-game, the rules let you know what to do. Listen carefully to the instructions, but do not be surprised to have negative scores on a mini-game that you don't know.

To unlock a mini-game, you must get a score of at least 10 points. When you unlock 10 mini-games, you can launch online mini-games parties.

The battles

In order to battle, you have to face the different gyms await you. Each gym is specialized in a type, similar to Pokemon. If the types are taken from Pokemon, know by against the battle mechanics are quite different. Here your objective in a battle is to increase your level in a type in order to use more powerful cards, unless you opt for a different strategy.

You will defeat an gym several times to get all the cards of a type and thus create more powerful decks. But you will become a true master when you will defeat your friends in online battles!

When you unlock 4 gyms, you can launch online battle parties.


Here are the keys to know to play in Crazy Party. Generally the useful keys in a mini-game are precised in its instructions, so you are not forced to learn the whole list.

With F9 and F10, you can choose an alternative leyout for the action kays and for the move keys.

The online party mode

The online party mode works with port 2500 UDP. If you wish to open a server, check that your firewall does not block the game and that the port is properly redirected in your router. If applicable, Crazy Party may attempt to redirect the port with MiniUPnP. All this applies to you only if you want to open a server, you can connect to a party as a client without worrying about all this stuff.

About the screen readers

The game was tested with NVDA, but it should work properly with Jaws. It should also work with System Access, Window Eyes, and maybe even a SAPI voice.

The JAWS screen reader is known to interfere with the arrow keys. To overcome this problem, Crazy Party intercepts the keys when this screen reader is detected. Sometimes, however, this does not work well, and if you have trouble, it is recommended to test it with NVDA.



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