SoundRTS and the CrazyMod

Presentation of SoundRTS

SoundRTS is a real-time strategy audiogame in which you have to gather resources, construct buildings, recruit units and neutralize your opponents, all in a map divided into squares. In addition to being one of the best games designed for the visually impaired, SoundRTS offers users to create their own content. Thus, it is very easy to create maps using a simple text editor. SoundRTS still allows more because it is possible to add buildings and units!

For more information, you can visit the official page of SoundRTS..

The CrazyMod

Supported by a group of regular players, the CrazyMod offers to improve your parts SoundRTS including no less than 8 races in it. Each is characterized by strengths and weaknesses need to know tame to win. The combination of races, alliances and war uncertainties allows each party to be unique.

The races of the CrazyMod

The CrazyMod in Version 8.3 contains 8 races. We offer a full English documentation for each thanks to Victorious and keyIsFull. The links below lead to sections of their guide.

The traditional race
Originally designed to stay close to the original human race of SoundRTS, the traditional race now has characteristics making it quite competitive. Surprise your opponents using the innovations introduced by the CrazyMod.
The technical race
Between the use of explosives and the launch of airships, this breed comes straight from the modern era. You will need excelent coordination to master this race.
The robotic race
Technology does not require food, so why not use it? Maybe because it's expensive, but the price is certainly worth it.
The dark race
Frighten your competitors using their own fallen units in combat, unless you prefer to pounce on them from the air in a cursed flurry!
The Elven race
Elves will seduce you as much by their deadly arrows as by their dazzling magic. Adopt agility and get a step ahead of your enemies!
The orc race
This is a breed that knows how to strike, and who can also play tricks. Why don't you ride your hippogriff and enforce your dominance at any cost?
The elemental race
Choose simplicity, with a small number of units and crush your enemies with individual elemental superiority .
The savage race
This race has learned to use the forces of nature to be respected, including face the most hegemonic ambitions.

Download and configuration

For Windows users, things are pretty simple. It is not necessary to have previously SoundRTS or replace files in subfolders. The CrazyMod is indeed directly provided in a portable version of SoundRTS. Just unzip, enter the folder you created and run the application "soundrts.exe". Consider then just pass the options to change your nickname.

For those who use another operating Windows or for experienced users of Windows system, we propose here the only mod folder. It is your responsibility to integrate into your SoundRTS and activate.

You can also see the changelog.


If you have any problems with the mod, if you have any suggestions, if you want more information, you can write on the topic dedicated to the CrazyMod in the AudioGames' forum.


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